Let the Earth Hold You.

Art by Catherine Nelson.

Sometimes when emotions are too much and overwhelm sets in, we can find that all the tools and support that normally work for us are no longer effective.

We feel trapped or consumed by our thoughts and feelings, and in that moment it's as if there is no way to escape. I've found that a great to release this and regain my balance is to Let the Earth Hold Me.

I have seen this in meditations and visualisations of my own and in sessions with clients many times, but only now have I realised its deep significance and power.

What does it mean?

The process is very simple.

1. Sit or lie on the earth (grass, sand, dirt, whatever is available to you) with your base chakra and bare feet touching the ground beneath you. (It can also work well standing but personally I find sitting or lying down most effective.)

2. Feel the built up energy, thoughts, feelings and emotions release and empty into the earth through your feet, dissipating and absorbing deep into the ground.

3. Close your eyes and feel the earth holding you, supporting you and loving you. Let it hold the space for you and all that you feel, and allow it to gently support and balance you with its infinite loving energy and presence.

This can also be used as a visualisation. I often see myself resting deeply at the roots of a tree and cocooned under living leaves and plants, absorbing the earth's supportive and loving energy and allowing it to balance and nourish me.

We often forget what a nourishing and replenishing relationship and interconnectedness we share with the Earth.

She is our collective mother who provides for and sustains each and every one of us. She is always ready to embrace and support you, and she loves you unconditionally.

All you need to do is connect and receive.

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