EARTH SUPPORT {an important daily practice}

Now more than ever it is important for each of us to make sure we are connecting daily to the energy of the Earth and drawing upon it for strength.

Those of us that tend towards spirituality often focus on the heavenly realms, doing our best to operate from the heart space and drawing spiritual energy down from above.

This is wonderful of course, and important, yet we seem to neglect the equal and opposite energy current that we need to keep us in balance and harmony, as well as our poor lower chakras that make everything happen for us on the physical plane!

Drawing the Earth energy into our energy field from below is VITAL.

This energy flow current is what supports us in our earthly journey, nourishes our physical body, provides stability and support in a world that is rapidly shifting and changing.

We NEED this energy more than ever as we rise up into higher levels of awareness and step into new paradigms of healing and wholeness.

While we are, at our core, 'consciousness', 'soul' or 'spiritual essence', we live in a physical, material reality.

Without a strong connection to this physical, grounding, anchoring energy, we lose so much power and potency.

When the lower chakras {energy centres of the body} are not energised by and anchored into this physical realm, we become 'floaty', 'heady', scattered, unstable and susceptible to outside influence. Our actions are ineffective and we are reduced in our capacity to create or make firm, clear and aligned decisions. In sum, we don't have the solid energetic foundation to create the life we desire.

This has been a major theme occurring for many of us at the moment, and it is more important than ever before that we create and nurture a strong connection to the Earth energy.

Let the Earth hold you, support you and energise you. Surrender into the strong, stable, solid, deeply nourishing, loving and replenishing energy that is there and available to you always.

How you can do this:

Breathe deeply and relax with your eyes closed.

Bring your attention to the space between your feet. Hold your awareness there.

{If you like to visualise, see yourself standing out in nature with your feet planted firmly on the ground.}

'Feel' or 'sense' down into the earth, feel the solidness, strength and power deep within. {Notice if you feel a sense of relief or release by allowing yourself to 'touch' this energy or rest into it.}

Sense or visualise the energy coming up from deep within the earth and flowing into the point of focus between your feet.

When you can sense this connection is strong, feel/visualise the energy moving up your legs and into your base chakra, bringing your focus to this area of your body {the base of your spine near the tailbone}.

Allow energy to build here. By focusing on this area and drawing the Earth energy up into the lower chakras you are nourishing, healing and strengthening your energy centres and beginning to create a strong and resilient energy field. This is essential if we are to be powerful forces in the world, and to operate from a solid foundation of strength, stability, connection and wholeness.

if you would like to share your own Earth connection practice or would love some assistance in clearing any blockages so you can connect more easily with this energy of strength, support and vitality, I would love to hear from you!

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