Words of Truth, and Encouragement.

The path to the light is not always sunshine and flowers.

There are times that we have to experience the depths of the darkness and shadows within us, where the pain is so engulfing that we wonder if we will ever experience the light again.

If you have been facing your shadows of late, know that you are not alone.

Many of us are being called to heal the darkest, most painful wounds within us that have been hidden and buried for lifetimes.

This is a time of great transformation and transmutation.

There could be times where it feels as if we are being swallowed whole by the darkness, that the pain will never end. Remember that this too shall pass. Be there with the experience, as best you can. The more fully we can accept it as it is in each moment, the more quickly we will move through it.

You are not alone, although it may feel this way as you dive into the depths of the fears you are facing.

There are many of us right there with you, transmuting dark into light.

The light that we will embody and bring through into the world as we heal these deep wounds will be beyond what we could ever anticipate.

Resist the urge to escape the pain, and see if you can bring the energy of curiosity to it. Could you allow and embrace what is arising for you, piece by piece? Just let it be there, and feel it. If you try to escape it, bring yourself back into your body, and allow yourself to feel it again.

What's there will continue to be there, operating in our subconscious and driving our behaviour in negative ways, until we can face it and heal it.

By shining the light of our conscious awareness on it, it will begin to transform. The shadows thrive in the dark, hidden places within us that we fear to go. The mind will do its best to distract you and keep it hidden, but whatever is exposed to the light itself becomes light. You cannot turn on the light and remain in darkness.

Allow yourself to be present with the shadows that are rising in you.

Instead of numbing, distracting or avoiding, go there. Shine the light on those shadowy places. Witness them, accept them without judgement and watch them transform.

This is not always an easy process, but know that this is a time of great opportunity to rapidly heal the shadow so we may experience more light, bliss and joy in our lives.

If you are struggling and would like some support in your journey with the shadow, please reach out.

Whether that's to me, a friend, someone you trust, or a medical professional, just by sharing what you are going through will help to cut through the fear and the burden of carrying it alone. From there you can get the support that you need to be able to work with what is rising within you during these challenging times.

To learn more about healing the shadow and embracing the light, I would invite you to connect with the work of Belinda Davidson. Belinda has helped me so much through this journey from dark to light, and her perspective on this has been hugely valuable to me.

"There are many gifts and treasures wrapped up within our pain. Dig deep, and you'll find them." - Belinda Davidson

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