Transforming our Physical Imbalances

As I evolve and continue to elevate my perspective, I have come to see the healing of our physical imbalances in a very different way.

It is easy for us to fall into the energy pattern of having 'problems' we need to 'fix', and seeing others through this lens as well {especially if we are in the field of health and well-being!}.

What takes more awareness, practice and presence, is to allow what is.

To let the pain be there.

To accept that our bodies aren't perfect, or maybe don't function in the way that we would like or expect them to.

To marvel at the amazing compensatory nature of our physical vessels - even though they aren't in perfect working order, my gosh they are phenomenally resilient!

This isn't to say that we 'resign' ourselves to ill health, pain or suffering.

But the acceptance of what is, and letting go of any attachment to our imbalances, or to our healing, is the only place to begin.

I would go as far as to say that true healing cannot take place without it.

When we strive, push and force our way towards healing, nothing works.

When we accept where we are at without resistance, we are living in the present moment.

And when we live from that space, we are drawn to or begin to attract what we need to improve our lives and our health.

Sometimes the healing process is then simple and easy, almost miraculous. Other times it is a series of small steps, which could unfold over a lifetime.

I hold the belief that anything CAN be healed, but not everything WILL be healed.

By pushing and striving and hoping for healing, we hold ourselves in a negative space that is based on the belief that we cannot be okay where we are, and that in the future when we are healed we can finally be happy or at peace.

This is, quite simply, a flat out lie. A way that convince ourselves to stay small, to avoid taking responsibly, and stop ourselves from truly LIVING.

Only when we can allow ourselves to be where we are, right now in this moment, with all of our issues and problems, do we have any access to our own empowerment and healing capacity.

And regardless of our circumstances or physical experience, it is possible for us to find peace here.

In most cases, we can then take supported, guided and grounded action to improve our situation, rather than taking action with the underlying energy of desperation, fear and disempowerment.

By being present and accepting what is, we begin to tune in to our own higher wisdom and intelligence that guides us towards that which will help us heal.

And this, is how we can create powerful and lasting change in our lives and our physical vessels.

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