How I Changed my Energy and Changed my Life {and how you can too}

As I discussed in my first blog post, I have tried so many methods and modalities in my quest to heal myself.

I started to really take responsibility for my life during my kinesiology training, but it wasn’t until I attended a Soul Sister Circle soulful networking event - featuring the amazing medical intuitive and chakra expert Belinda Davidson - that I began the journey of deepening my understanding of myself and my energy system in order to truly heal my life.

I had not heard of Belinda’s work before, but hearing her story and message and being in her presence connected with some deep unseen part of me, and after having my chakras and energy field diagnosed on stage at the event it was clear that there were some major challenges for me to work on!

What followed were a series of divinely orchestrated events and inner callings that saw me becoming a student of her online school, the School of the Modern Mystic.

I had no idea how transformative this process would be for me, and to be totally honest I wasn’t sure what I could really receive from this online training that I didn’t already “know” on the intellectual level, having spent many years studying energy and healing.

Well! Where do I begin?

School of the Modern Mystic has given me practical, usable, step-by-step practices and processes for me to easily integrate into my daily life and allow me to heal, grow and expand into alignment with my soul. I have been able to understand and experience each one of my seven chakras and learn how to cleanse, heal, support and strengthen them so that I can be the best version of myself possible. It is amazing how quick and powerful the changes have been! From the subtle internal changes to the obvious external changes, it has been seriously life changing to say the least.

I have learned how to integrate mindfulness and presence into my life, which has given me so much freedom and space from by busy, crazy mind and all its fears and stories! I no longer “react” and become caught up in situations or circumstances that I used to believe were affecting me in a way that was beyond my control.

By learning to work with the White Light I have been able to quickly and easily shift my vibration and allow rapid transformation and healing of my blockages and life problems to take place. I’ve been able to manifest into my life the way I want to feel and how I want my life to look.

As an empath and sensitive soul I have been given simple and effective tools to be able to hold my own centre and stay in my own energy, regardless of what negativity or intense emotions are going on in those around me. My self-awareness has grown and I’ve become more resilient, flexible and adaptable. It’s now easy for me to use my intuition and empathic abilities without experiencing negative effects or taking on the emotions of others.

I feel so much stronger and more centred in my role as a Kinesiology Practitioner and I’m able to help my clients heal in a deeper and more supportive way, while also integrating my intuition into my work. I’ve been able to ‘put myself out there’ and share my unique gifts, talents and wisdom in the world, feeling strong and solid in my expression and abilities.

I’ve learnt how to create strong and healthy boundaries and honour my own needs in my relationships, particularly with my family. I’ve started to notice those close to me shifting their own energy in a positive way and becoming more and more open to the work that I do and the ways that I’m able to support them.

Since beginning the course, my relationship with my partner has continued to transform and evolve into a greater sense of alignment, acceptance and love.

Without exaggeration, this is the single best resource I have found in my healing journey. Belinda’s ability to de-mystify and ground spiritual truths & concepts, and share practical & proven techniques that quickly and easily shift and heal blockages, has changed my life in the best possible way. I will be forever astounded and grateful for the transformation I have experienced and the tools I’ve been given.

I have also made so many amazing connections and received the most heartfelt support from the School of the Modern Mystic community and it continues to amaze and inspire me how much light has entered my life {which continues to expand} since beginning this journey.

Absolutely everyone and anyone can benefit from this course, if you are ready to take the leap. I genuinely cannot recommend it highly enough and I am a proud advocate and affiliate having seen such profound results in my own life.

If you have ever wanted to deepen your understanding of how your energy creates your life and how to get it working so that you can experience connection, joy and peace every day, this is the best possible investment you can make for yourself and all those near and dear to you.

Here is the link once again if you’d like to learn more, sign up for updates or to access the free video training series about Chakras, Intuition and Soul Purpose. Enrolment will be open soon!

As you may have guessed, I am hugely passionate about School of the Modern Mystic and I could probably talk about it all day. I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions for me! <3

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