The SECRET to Healing…

I’ve been on what you might call the ‘Spiritual Path’ for many years now, and it’s not until recently that I’ve discovered the secret to personal healing, growth, transformation and resolving deeply held patterns and reactivity. I’d just like to note here that Each and every one of us is on a ‘Spiritual Path’, whether that fits the general view of what is ‘Spiritual’ or not, we are all here to learn and grow, regardless of what that looks like in our lives.

So what is the miraculous key to healing, you may ask?

There are 3 key components…




Not the three sexiest words out there, right? Probably not what you were expecting, or hoping for, but stay with me.

In my quest for healing, I’ve tried many types of yoga, various meditation techniques, acupuncture, sound healing, BodyTalk, Kinesiology, Holographic Kinetics, distance healing, psychic surgery, white light healing, hypnotherapy, gestalt therapy, family constellations, psychology, float therapy, flower essences, massage therapy, naturopathy, iridology, herbalism, theta healing, liquid minerals, intuitive healing, chiropractic, somatorespiratory therapy, essential oils, vibrational essences, reflexology and I’m sure many (many!) more.

Some of these things were exactly what I needed at the time, others I tried once or twice and weren’t for me, and some I continue to access or practice regularly.

I have had some amazing healings take place and experienced much personal development over the years. I am a very different person now than I was when I began this journey of healing. What’s important for us to realise is that there is no ‘end point’. Our focus on some time in the future when we are healed and whole stops us from being present in the Now and this is where we lose our power. We can only take action and create in the Now {if you aren’t familiar with Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘The Power of Now, it is an absolute must-read}. We need to stop striving for the goal or outcome of healing or ‘Enlightenment’, because when we accept that we are healed and whole in the Now {even with all of our imperfections} we can allow ourselves to evolve as we change, expand and grow towards greater alignment with our true Inner selves, with our ‘Soul’. We can’t reach those states of connection with our selves if we are putting off self-acceptance and self-love until we are ‘better’, ‘more evolved’, or ‘fully healed’.

So having had all these great experiences with many modalities that have helped me to grow in so many ways, why is it only recently that I have discovered the key to lasting healing? Shouldn’t I be halfway to enlightenment by now? Ha!

At some point towards the end of my first year of kinesiology training, it fully dawned on me that I, ME, and ONLY me, am responsible for my own healing. FULL STOP. No if's and's or but's. I could seek out all the best healers available, buy all the books, essences, mists and oils, but unless I was ready and willing to change and be responsible for my own life, it would do me little good. At this point, I started to gain more awareness and develop my intuition to tune in with my own needs. In challenging moments or when I felt ‘stuck’, I was able to feel into whether I just needed some time to myself, to go inwards, to take action, or to seek help from others, including skilled healers who have been through similar journeys.

Our focus on the ‘External’ as being the key to our healing is one of the major roadblocks holding us back. These things can be a wonderful support, but when we make them Responsible for our healing we give away our power.


This is step one. Nothing else will shift on a deeper level until this clicks for you.

You are responsible for your thoughts, actions, reactions, emotions. No one can ‘make’ you feel or respond a certain way. Your feelings and reactions are valid, but the only one who can make the choice of how you respond is YOU.

Unfortunately, with all the triggers, past traumas and family and social conditioning it can often feel like there is no choice, because our response has become a reaction that the brain has practised so many times it is almost automatic. This is where we need to bring a high level of focus and awareness to our internal processes so we can make a conscious choice rather than playing out our ingrained survival-based reactions.

Side note: I have personally found that the quickest way to resolve this is on the energetic and cortical (brain) level – which is where certain therapies such as Kinesiology can be of huge benefit in helping to break these patterns. We still need to then practice the new, healthier responses to create and strengthen new brain pathways, but the process can be made much easier with this mode of support.

So, because lasting change needs to come from your own choice to take responsibility for your self, a healer cannot ‘fix’ you. A healer can support you in many ways to allow your own healing to take place. You are the one doing the healing, and they are facilitating that healing using the tools or techniques of their individual expertise. I know from experience that if you go to a healer feeling ‘broken’ or like you need to be ‘fixed’, then you are unlikely to find deep or lasting healing.

It all starts with accepting full responsibility for your self across all levels - physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. It may seem daunting or unnatural at first but This Is Your Greatest POWER.


In a culture that has a bit of a strained relationship with commitment, what does it really mean to commit to your Self?

This is all about going within and discovering how you want to FEEL, what lights you up and what you need to implement in your life to create or allow more of that. Taking ACTION is the key component here. It’s about following those gut instincts and intuitive hunches that direct you towards the things that will benefit you, regardless of whether they make logical sense or if you’re able to map out the whole process in advance. It is about learning to Trust your self.

The most important aspect of this commitment is finding a core spiritual practice. Something that gives you the opportunity to work on yourself on a CONSISTENT, regular basis. Ideally you would build on this to create a daily practice. Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. Let’s break it down…

How to Begin

There are many roads to Rome, however in my experience there are certain paths that are simpler to follow.

FIRST – To start out with, find one thing that resonates with you or feels like a good place to start. This could be a certain style of meditation, yoga, breath work, art practice or other spiritual practice. Anything that brings your focus inward and allows for periods of silence and stillness is ideal. What you are doing here is allowing the space to build a strong connection to your self at a deeper level.

If you are unsure where to start, I highly recommend this chakra cleanse meditation* by Belinda Davidson.

It is likely you’ll need to try something several times and on a regular basis before you know if it’s right for you. This can be tricky at first as we are developing our intuition and getting in touch with what really feels good for us – but I’ve found the key to this is in the FEELING.

We have a massive tendency in this day and age to overwork our rational, logical mind and neglect our creative, intuitive side. To be a whole and balanced person, we need to balance and integrate both aspects of ourselves. For most of us, this means practicing mindfulness {letting our thoughts pass us by without attaching to them}, as well as exercising our deficiencies in the right hand brain hemisphere with meditation, yoga, art and other intuitive/creative practices.

Personally I have found that to begin, getting out of your head and into body-based practices such as breath work, yoga and the like are most helpful in building this connection to the FEELING state and becoming aware of our internal processes and what feels good for us.

THEN - As your self-awareness grows and you become more in tune with your inner needs and desires as well as learning to trust what arises from within, this will lead to you connect with people, places, opportunities and support that match those needs and desires, or that create an opportunity for you to make new choices to continue to shift and evolve. The external world can be viewed as a feedback system and a reflection of what is occurring for us internally. We attract experiences that support or challenge us to grow or confront our limiting thoughts and beliefs.

This is all about working through these experiences by using our spiritual practices to keep coming back to our connection to self, and aligning to what is truly right for us in each moment.

AND FINALLY - There are times in this journey where it is appropriate and beneficial to access support. Sometimes you will be guided to seek assistance to clear blockages or patterns that you’ve been working on and don’t seem to be shifting. Trust that you will find the right person or tool that will help you and keep an eye out for it. Don’t get stuck on ‘how’ you will find it, simply focus on your intention to heal the blockage and allow the opportunity to present itself in the right timing. This may involve taking action on an inspiration or idea that you receive, or it could be a more passive process, like when you are speaking to a friend and they give you a timely recommendation to just the right thing.


This one is the simplest, but sometimes the most difficult!

If you ate vegetables only one day in each week, how much and how quickly would your health improve? What about if you only did it when you ‘had time’ or felt really low?

It is so important to schedule your spiritual practices into your life so that they are a consistent, regular occurrence. This is also tied in closely to the commitment to your self.

Commitment cannot be a wavering concept of the mind that often fades into the background. What it truly means is showing up EVERY DAY and taking ACTION that supports your growth. It’s about following through with your intentions and making the best possible choices in each moment.

This is surely the fastest and easiest way to heal, grow and expand.

Every positive action, every yoga pose or meditation practice has a cumulative effect and will help you to stay clear, focused and in-tune with your own evolving needs and callings, as well as helping you to process the emotions and ‘stuff’ that comes up as you go about your life.

As you delve into spiritual practices and creating new ways of responding to life, negative patterns and limiting beliefs will often come to the surface that convince you that you don’t have time, it’s too hard, you’re doing well so what’s the big deal if you skip your self-care or meditation today… – this is where the practice of mindfulness is of huge benefit and assistance.

Through Belinda Davidson’s School of the Modern Mystic (an amazing online school that will take you on a journey of deep connection to yourself while keeping it practical and easy to follow…more on this in another post*) I have come to know the work of Russ Harris, and his book ‘The Happiness Trap’. This is a fantastic resource to give you real and usable tools to keep your busy mind and negative thoughts in check and stay on track with your spiritual practices.

By remaining consistent in your spiritual practice, you are cultivating a deep sense of stability and balance, making it easier for you to respond in a positive way to your life experiences and the curve balls that will inevitably fly your way.

Responsibility, Commitment and Consistency are the key ingredients in creating healing and change in your life.

Such huge internal shifts have taken place for me since this realisation, and I am grateful to have this opportunity to share this with you.

If you are feeling called to seek assistance on this amazing journey of yours, or would like to share your own experiences, I would absolutely love to hear from you.

Although everything on my journey thus far has contributed to this deep knowing of truth in what I am sharing with you, I want to acknowledge that these ideas, concepts and understandings have all come together with amazing clarity for me through my experiences and training with Belinda Davidson. I want to thank Belinda for all of the amazing work she does in the world, for ‘showing up’ in every moment and being true to her self and her soul’s callings.

*I am a student and proud affiliate of the School of the Modern Mystic and Belinda Davidson's Guided Chakra Cleanse meditation <3

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