A journey of rapidly beginning to shift your current state of being, assisting you to quickly move from difficulty and struggle towards clarity and freedom.

Offered at a reduced rate to jumpstart your healing and create momentum.

This is an offer that's available to you after we've completed our initial 90 minute session.

The timeframe between sessions is 2 weeks.

3 x Emotional Integration Sessions {90 mins} - $470

(OR 2 x payments of $235)

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This package is ideal if your intention is to...


  • Make a commitment to your own healing.

  • Rapidly shift your inner state in order to make new and empowered choices moving forward.

  • Continue the work we have begun and access deeper levels of integration.

  • Find clarity, perspective and resolution around a certain issue in your life, such as an emotional issue, negative patterns or beliefs that are keeping you stuck, or general life stress.

  • Work with dissolving the underlying causes of your current life situation or state of being, and begin the process of shedding the old to transform and align your own energy and your life.

  • Create alignment, balance and deeper connection to your self.


*Sessions must be used within 2 months.

This offer is designed to take you deeper and create momentum for transformation at an elevated level. Time frames are created as a container that allows the necessary space and opportunity for deep shifts and lasting change.