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These offerings are designed to help you...

  • Work with current issues that have recently surfaced in your life.

  • Shift long-standing emotional blockages and deep-seated issues.

  • Tap in to your inner truth and gain clarity about your aspirations and deeper purpose.

  • Let go of limiting patterns, beliefs and subconscious programs to align with your authentic intentions and goals.

  • Move out of overwhelm or stress and into freedom of choice.

  • Trust and strengthen your connection to your self.

  • Take action and make aligned choices in your life.

  • Create the inner space and freedom to access peace.

  • Upgrade your energy systems and raise your vibration.

  • Evolve and expand towards your truest and most empowered self.



I would love to assist you in taking this next step on your healing journey to connect with your own inner truth...


Are you ready to dive deep?


Each session is tailored specifically to your needs - no two will ever look exactly the same!

Click here to get to know me better and read testimonials, kind words and praise.

Working with me is in alignment if you are...

  • Ready and willing to be a responsible force in your own healing.

  • Prepared to dive deep and explore your shadow, allowing it to gently surface and be healed by your own inner light.

  • Committed to the process and unfolding of your own healing journey.

  • Ready for change and willing to take small steps (or giant leaps!) to create it.






A unique journey unfolds in each session as we tune in to your body, mind and spirit. We work with unlocking the underlying {subconscious} causes of your current challenges, and supporting their resolution by activating your own unique healing process. 

Individual sessions are available to new clients as an initial assessment, and as an ongoing monthly support to clients who have taken up the Introductory Offer below.

Kinesiology sessions are available in-person at my clinic on the Gold Coast (Australia) or by distance via phone or Skype call.

Kinesiology session {90 mins} - $179





A journey of rapidly beginning to shift your current state of being, assisting you to quickly move from difficulty and struggle towards clarity and freedom.

Offered at a reduced rate to jumpstart your healing and create momentum.

The timeframe between sessions is 2 weeks.

3 x Kinesiology Sessions {90 mins} - $447


This package is ideal if your intention is to...


  • Make a commitment to your own healing.

  • Rapidly shift your inner state in order to make new and empowered choices moving forward.

  • Continue the work we have begun and access deeper levels of healing.

  • Find clarity, perspective and resolution around a certain issue in your life, such as an emotional issue, negative patterns or beliefs that are keeping you stuck, a health issue or general life stress.

  • Work with dissolving the underlying causes of your current life situation or state of being, and begin the process of shedding the old to transform and align your own energy and your life.

  • Create alignment, balance and deeper connection to your self.


*Sessions must be used within 2 months.

This offer is designed to take you deeper and create momentum for transformation at an elevated level. Time frames are created as a container that allows the necessary space and opportunity for deep healing and lasting change.



Gift vouchers are available to purchase for your loved ones.

Select a session type or package, or let them choose by gifting a value of $50/$75/$100 or more. 


Vouchers can be purchased in person, posted in the mail or sent electronically via email.