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Palm Beach, Gold Coast QLD

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If you’re feeling stuck right now, or are lacking direction, need help to sort out a relationship problem, or need someone to talk to who can support you and help you with your life,

I’d love to help you. 


I’d love to work with you so you can heal what’s holding you back + thrive!




A unique journey unfolds in each session as we tune in to your body, mind and spirit. We unlock the underlying {subconscious} causes of your current challenges, and support their resolution by activating your own unique healing process. 

Individual sessions are first available to new clients as an initial assessment.

After the initial session, a special Introductory Offer is available to jump-start your healing (3 x sessions at a reduced rate).

Individual sessions are also offered as ongoing monthly support to clients who have taken up the Introductory Offer.

Sessions are available in-person at my clinic on the Gold Coast (Australia) or as Energy Healing sessions by distance via phone or Skype call.

Kinesiology Session {Initial Session or Monthly Support}  90 mins - $179




These sessions are designed to help you...

  • Work with current issues that have recently surfaced in your life.

  • Shift long-standing emotional blockages and deep-seated issues.

  • Tap in to your inner truth and gain clarity about your aspirations and deeper purpose.

  • Let go of limiting patterns, beliefs and subconscious programs to align with your authentic intentions and goals.

  • Move out of overwhelm or stress and into freedom of choice.

  • Trust and strengthen your connection to your self.

  • Take action and make aligned choices in your life.

  • Create the inner space and freedom to access peace.

  • Upgrade your energy systems and raise your vibration.

  • Evolve and expand towards your truest and most empowered self.





As you go through life you’re affected by painful experiences that create blockages in your energy system and your body. Over time this leads to problems in your relationships, health, finances...and holds you back from reaching your goals and living a life you love.


Almost anything that's not currently working in your life began as blocked energy - most often from an unresolved emotional experience that got "stuck" in your body and stopped your lifeforce (and soon after, your life) from flowing freely. 




In my Kinesiology Sessions, my healing approach allows us to find and release any stress in your system, and to go deep into the underlying blockages + emotional patterns that are keeping you stuck.


I then guide and support you in understanding and releasing these emotional and energetic blockages, restoring balance to your system so you can move forward in your life with ease.

Working with me is in alignment if you are...

  • Ready and willing to be responsible for your own healing.

  • Prepared to dive deep and explore your blocked emotions, allowing them to gently surface and be healed. 

  • Committed to your own healing journey.

  • Ready for change and willing to take small steps (or giant leaps!) to create it.


"My sessions with Danni truly opened up my emotions that I had stored away. Although I am very aware of myself (thoughts, emotions etc.) these sessions brought to the surface my flight & fight responses. Since doing these sessions I have been able to voice out my feelings, set healthy boundaries & communicate assertively. For the first time I am living my truth with no fear. So thank you Danni, my life has transformed because of the beautiful process I experienced through your work."


Lamisha Smith

"I started seeing Danni a few months ago for kinesiology. I was referred to her from a good friend who said she could help me, so I made an appointment not know anything about kinesiology. When I meet Danni I instantly felt comfortable with her, I arrived for my appointment feeling stressed out and frustrated with my life. Danni was amazing in making me feel comfortable and at ease with problems I was going through and helped de-stress my life. I have started to stand in my own power and go after things I never thought possible before I started my journey of kinesiology with her. I thank you so much Danni for showing me my worth and helping me understand myself. I highly recommend seeing Danni as she is amazing at what she does and I look forward to working with her for many years to come!"


Justine Geaghan

“Since my session with Danni, I’ve been feeling much more at ease with things that were bothering me before. They’ve come into focus now and I can give them what they require to remain balanced. It felt like the unnecessary weight I didn't know I was carrying was lifted and I could find purpose and clarity much more easily. The session was so wonderful and relaxing, and Danni has a calming vibe that put me at ease and made me feel I was in the right place for the right reasons.” 

Sara N.



Gift vouchers are available to purchase for your loved ones.

Select a session type or package, or let them choose by gifting a value of $50/$75/$100 or more. 


Vouchers can be purchased in person, posted in the mail or sent electronically via email.