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Kinesiology for Kids



Kinesiology can be a highly beneficial tool to assist your child with problems they may be experiencing, and supporting them in restoring physical and emotional balance.

I can support you and you child through challenges such as...


  • Sleep difficulties

  • Behavioural problems

  • Focus and attention

  • Accepting change

  • Relationships between siblings

  • Stress around learning or school

  • Releasing and balancing emotions



By assisting to release some of the underlying causes of these problems, kinesiology can help to support your child to experience less: stress, reactive behaviour, anger, emotional outbursts, jealousy, fear, anxiety and insecurity, and more: harmony, cooperation, peace/inner calm, playfulness, joy, positivity, resilience, adaptability, flexibility, motivation and emotional balance.



For kids under the age of 12, we use a ‘surrogate balancing’ technique.


This means that the child is not present during the session. As the parent, you act as a ‘surrogate’ and we use your biofeedback responses to access the wisdom of your child’s body. When we complete the session and end the surrogacy, they then receive all of the positive benefits of the session. This is a powerful method of healing as you already have a very strong connection to your child, and you know all about your child's history and behaviours.

The biggest influencing factor in your child being able to resolve their problem is often the way that you are able to support them. For this reason, it is important to balance you in relation to your child's issue, particularly if it causes worry or stress for you or within the family. This can create a platform for amazing positive shifts in the family dynamic, as well as within the individual family members who are receiving treatment.





This is a highly valuable special offer that is designed to support and assist you and your child to create stability, calm, flexibility and resilience by helping you to resolve the underlying causes of the problems each of you are experiencing. 

The structure of these sessions is that the first one is for you (the parent), the second for your child, and the third for either of you. This allows us to create the stability required to effect lasting change for both you and your child.

3 x Kinesiology Sessions {90 mins} - $397


Or 2 payments of $215

Sessions must be used within 3 months. *One Parent & Child Package is available per Parent.


This This offering is for you if you are ready to:


  • Help your child to resolve problems that are causing stress, fear and frustration

  • Assist your child to clear blockages before they become major or ongoing problems later in life

  • Support you child to heal on a deep level

  • Take responsibility for your part in creating the best environment and family dynamic for them to thrive

  • Shift some of the ways you respond to your child to help them change how they react to challenges

  • Cultivate strength and stability within yourself so you can better support your child

  • Release your own stress, worry and reactivity to find more patience, calm and presence

  • Commit to your own needs and wellbeing so that you can be a great role model and parent



Individual Sessions for Adults - $179

Individual Sessions for Children - $149

Package offers also available




“I highly recommend Danni! We were having behavioural problems with my 4 year old daughter and we have noticed a huge difference in her. No more battles at bedtime and a lot calmer and gentle with her younger sibling. Thank you so much Danni x”


- Christine

"I approached Danni about Kinesiology for my then-3 year old son who was struggling with extreme separation anxiety, even though we were never actually separated from him. Danni explained that I could be the surrogate for him as he was unlikely to participate. The process was gentle and yet had profound and lasting effects on his ability to stabilise and integrate information - such as that I was only outside, or that his father would be back soon etc. We are very grateful to Danni for her skillful sessions. Thanks a lot!"


- Justene