Art by Catherine Nelson. 

Sometimes when emotions are too much and overwhelm sets in, we can find that all the tools and support that normally work for us are no longer effective. 

We feel trapped or consumed by our thoughts and feelings, and in that moment it's as if th...

As a beautiful friend said to me recently, 'the path of truth is not an easy one...'

As we begin to clear out our 'stuff' (our old patterns, programs, reactions and blockages) it becomes clearer and clearer what is real for us, that is to say, what is our 'truth'.

We are...

Now more than ever it is important for each of us to make sure we are connecting daily to the energy of the Earth and drawing upon it for strength. 

Those of us that tend towards spirituality often focus on the heavenly realms, doing our best to operate from the heart s...

Like for many of us right now, this year for me has been a pretty wild ride so far. Belinda Davidson is calling the times we are facing now 'the era of the shadow' and that has definitely been my experience as of late last year. 

There has been so much polarity for me i...

The path to the light is not always sunshine and flowers.

There are times that we have to experience the depths of the darkness and shadows within us, where the pain is so engulfing that we wonder if we will ever experience the light again.

If you have been facing your s...

As I evolve and continue to elevate my perspective, I have come to see the healing of our physical imbalances in a very different way. 

It is easy for us to fall into the energy pattern of having 'problems' we need to 'fix', and seeing others through this lens as well {...

I love supporting my clients and community with additional resources for healing.

One of my passions is to share with others the things that I find to be of amazing quality and energy, in the hope that you will also find them helpful and inspiring.

One such resource I ha...

As I discussed in my first blog post, I have tried so many methods and modalities in my quest to heal myself.

I started to really take responsibility for my life during my kinesiology training, but it wasn’t until I attended a Soul Sister Circle soulful networking event...

I’ve been on what you might call the ‘Spiritual Path’ for many years now, and it’s not until recently that I’ve discovered the secret to personal healing, growth, transformation and resolving deeply held patterns and reactivity. I’d just like to note here that Each and...

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